Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging

A staple found upon the shelf of many British teenage girls many years ago, including my own. There was nothing better than getting hold of the next book in the series, finding out what Georgia had gotten up to and gossiping about it with friends. Well, at least this is what me and my friends did.

Before we get into the book review I’m going to recall the things I remembered about this series from when I first read it. I remember obsessing over the snogging scale and giggling every time I read ‘The Full Monty’. You were either Team Dave the Laugh or Team Robbie. It was the original Edward/Jacob some may say. I also remember being scandalised by the ending. I’m excited to pick these books back up!

Time to re-read!

My immediate thought was, how did I completely forget this was a diary? It is written as a pretty realistic teenage diary as well. With Georgia checking in, sometimes minuets after the previous entry, due to boredom, with a random thought. Some of the cultural references definitely date this book. I’m not even sure what ‘Noel’s House Party’ was? To Google! Oh, it’s Noel Edmunds with Mr Blobby. Duhhh! (That’s right, I’m bringing back ‘duhhh’!) Wow, there are a lot of references to Nazi Germany in this book. I’m not even sure I would have picked up on those as a thirteen-year old. Rennison’s use of slang, over-generalisations and hyperbole are perfect for creating a realistic teenage character. I know at the time I originally read this, I would have agreed with a lot of what Georgia was saying/worrying about. As an adult it all seems quite pitifully funny, like reading your younger cousins diary and saying ‘aw honey’ in an extremely condescending manner.  Overall, the books are still very funny, light reading but not something I see myself reading again. The teenage aspect is quite intense and that’s just not for me at this stage in my life! However, I can fully understand why these were my favourite books when I was thirteen. The way Rennison writes is so inclusive, the reader understands the inside jokes and you feel as though you’re part of the ‘Ace Gang’.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging: film.

With a slightly altered title, Angus came to the big screen. Thirteen-year-old me was THRILLED. I remember going to watch it in the cinema with my friends and cringing hard when the snogging/saliva scene came on. A slightly embarrassing truth here is that until about the age of sixteen, I used to get up extra early before school and watch this film. Everyday. I can still quote most of it now. To say I was obsessed is a fair judgement, to say I was insane is probably quite fair as well. It was one of the first films I ever watched the director’s commentary for. (I think the very first was Nanny McPhee) This is perhaps what began my obsession with films and film-making. One piece of useless trivia I remember from my many viewings of this was that seagulls would not co-operate, so the props department bought a very realistic fake seagull and it ended up being one of the most expensive props.

Time to re-watch!

One of my immediate thoughts is how awesome the soundtrack is! I also forgot how funny the parents are in this film! I mean they are both comedians, but they play slightly embarrassing parents very well. These girls, the Ace Gang, are creepier than I remember. Stalking and watching someone in their house with binoculars. I don’t remember ever doing anything like that as a teen! I love the setting of Eastbourne, it is very ascetically pleasing as a backdrop throughout. Robbie does not hold back on telling Georgia off! I think that’s one of the best parts of the film. The protagonist getting her comeuppance, though only for a short time. The overall story arch of this film, though differing from the books, is fairly predictable but still satisfying. Georgia learns her lesson, has a great birthday party and gets a boyfriend. The ultimate happy ending for fifteen-year-olds I guess. I suppose one of the main reasons the plot differs to much from the first book is that, due to the diary format, there’s not a satisfying story arch that is needed for screen.

Favourite Quote: I wrote a song about you. It’s called ‘Bitch in a Uniform’.

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