The Princess Diaries

A seminal classic to this day! The Princess Diaries had been seen by almost everyone I knew. The combination of Hathaway and the Queen of Genovia herself Julie Andrews, was a match made in teenage-girl heaven. Plus, the story itself is so appealing to most people of that age. That someone comes into their lives and tells them they are heir to a throne. Most teenagers deal with feelings of unimportance as you grow and begin to realise that it isn’t all about you. So, The Princess Diaries presents a most appealing idea that someday someone will tell you, you are important. Perhaps that’s a slightly dim take on it.

On that note, time to re-watch!

Although I can tell she is younger, Anne Hathaway honestly hasn’t changed that much, looks wise. I completely forgot Mandy Moore was in this! All I can see is Rapunzel now. I am struggling with this make-over scene. I understand the importance of posture and such, but it feels a little like it could verge on the wrong message. That in order to be successful you must look a certain way. I suppose it is true in essence, I mean we never see the Royal Fam with unkempt hair and eyebrows. I’m pretty sure I heard that the slip Mia has on the steps was a real blooper they just decided to keep in. That’s a nice element to the film. All of the people in her school kind of suck. Even her best friend, Lily, is pretty self-involved. I know it’s a comedy, so the teachers/adults can be a little out-there, but they could have made her friend more likeable. I suppose the love interest, Michael not the other guy, is a nice character. During the beach party scene Mia is dressed in a purple top, green skirt and has red flip flops which are giving me major Ariel vibes. I’m not sure if this is intentional, I don’t know why it would be, but it is Disney and she is a princess. I may start some kind of conspiracy theory here. Maybe her Dad isn’t really dead, maybe he’s ruling the sea. Anyway, back to earth brain. I am fairly sure when I first watched this I thought Genovia was a real country. Upon a quick Google search, it appears I was not alone! I really like the speech Mia gives upon accepting her role. It does go back to what I said in the introduction, before I re-watched, about the part of growing up that is realising you’re not the only person that matters. I feel like that would have been a stronger ending than the completion of the love interest story-line but it’s a teen film so it’s to be expected. Overall, this film is still highly enjoyable despite some clichés. Remember, this is all just my humble opinion.

Favourite quote: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

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