In this series of reviews so far, I (think I) have reviewed well-known, widely read/watched teen books/films. This one is a little different. In 2010 there was a filmed released of which a large part of it was shot in the town where I lived.  Submarine was a teen comedy set in Wales. I remember thinking it was very funny, very welsh and I remember wanting the coats.

Time to re-watch!           

Right off the bat, I forgot how ‘indie’ this film is. The shots are beautiful, set to the hilarious voice-over of Oliver Tate gives the whole film an ironic tone. Similar to many teenage films, this protagonist makes some terrible choices. I think one of the most relatable things about this story, however, is the inner-monologue justifying all the selfish actions. I love how bleak the parents seem. Even down to their haircuts. One thing I love about the film is that it’s quite difficult to tell when it’s set. I mean it’s modern obviously, but it’s not stuck in a specific time, which I always like. Googling it, it’s set in the 80s which makes a lot of scene looking at the décor, the fashion and the lack of technology. Although this is a highly personal comment, I enjoy seeing the scenes set in my town. The dated buildings give me a huge sense of nostalgia. The soundtrack is something to be marvelled at too. Most of the songs written by Alex Turner. They hazy tone of the songs heighten the hyperbolic teenage love at hand. It also works with the filtered shots during the montages. I haven’t read the book in a long time, but I think the underwater/fish trope is stronger in the book. There are only about three mentions of the dad’s career and oceans in the film, so I was left searching for the meaning of the title. This did not affect my enjoyment watching it however. Overall, I think this is a very realistic storyline set in an indie hue of Richard Ayoade’s direction giving this teenage story a heightened irony, reflecting the original text on which it’s based. Remember that’s just my humble opinion and I still want all the coats.

Favourite Quote: My mother is worried I have mental problems. I found a book about teenage paranoid delusion during a routine search of my parents’ bedroom.

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